Wriggly Nativity

We performed the Wriggly Nativity.   The Nativity Story is such a special and exciting time for the children at Newdigate. We are celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus.

It is so exciting that the children just can’t sit still – HOORAY, LET’S WRIGGLE! Our nativity had Year 2 leading the way with 4 Narrators, Mary and Joseph and of course their donkey. The shepherds and the sheep couldn’t keep still and danced when they saw the amazing Year 1 angels in the sky deliver them a message. The wise people bumped up and down on their camels having followed our brilliant Reception stars all the way to Bethlehem. Eventually they arrived at the stable and the animals were very excited – they danced around in the straw! To really celebrate the whole school did one last wriggle to Wriggly Nativity.


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