Little Governors

Little Governors

‘Little Governors’ is the active voice of our school, offering opinions and ideas that affect us at school and endeavouring to help others in the community, whilst considering our British Values, School Values and the Bee Rules.


To become a Little Governor we had to say that we were interested in the role. Then votes took place in the classroom before having a mini interview with Mrs Priestley.

Newdigate Little Governors:

  • We represent all the children in our school.
  • We want to make sure our school is a safe and a happy place for all children whatever their faiths or beliefs.
  • We take time to listen to the children and gather their opinions through questionnaires, suggestion boxes and votes.
  • We try to make it happen or explain why we can’t.
  • We feedback to pupils to let them know what has happened about their views.
  • We offer our own ideas and respect each other’s opinions

Being an active Little Governor helps us to develop our self-confidence and important skills such as: listening, getting your point across, negotiating, organising and working as a team.


Letter from Coolmilk – Re: Plastic recycling.


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