Immersion Day – Life of Newdigate

Creativity ran wild again today as the children immersed themselves in the life of Newdigate! As well as taking a walk around the village, discovering more about the landmarks and places of significance and talking to the residents on route, the children also had the chance to visit (Newdigate Schools) ‘Bob’s Shop’ and Post Office or ‘Tan House Café’ and some helped to make a model village. It was a day to remember and got a double thumbs-up from all the children we spoke to.  Here are some of the comments made by the children the following week:

 ‘I really enjoyed it. I went on the walk and saw a flat that was the school. My friend made me a sandwich in Bob’s shop. I made my own in the café.’

‘We still learned lots. In the olden days people used to ride bikes around Newdigate to deliver the papers. They also had horses and carriages. I made my house in Newdigate. I helped my friend make her house first then made mine. I also made a sandwich and a drink.’

‘I liked the model village; I made the playground with Mrs Rennles. Some houses used to be something else and had signs on them telling us what they were. We found out about the 6 bells and how it was called that after the church added a bell. We met a lady who lives in the old post office; she told us all about her home through the years. Bob’s shop used to be owned by Bob’s dad’s dad and then Bob’s dad and then Bob.’

We would like to say a huge thank you to the helpers on the day and the staff for their hard working getting everything ready.


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